The Art of the Elevator Pitch

In partnership with the UAlbany Alumni Association

Thirty seconds may be all the time you have to get the attention and curiosity of an investor or prospective customer. This means you must be able to describe what customers you serve, the problem those customers have, and the solution your product provides.


Craft your Elevator PItch

Please watch the Techstars video and complete the worksheet from the Techstars Toolkit - Elevator Pitch Guide

An Elevator Pitch is critical to quickly articulate your idea to your audience. This event is an online session to practice and help craft your elevator Pitch for the UAlbany Innovation Competition and New York Business Plan Competition. Try your pitch out on Alumni and receive valuable feedback to improve it.

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Thank you to the UAlbany Alumni Association for organizing this event and recruiting mentors.

Be sure to check out the Alumni Associations career mentoring tool UCAN. UCAN is a great resource that students can leverage for customer discovery and networking. You can meet with alumni to gain insights into customer behaviors and industries.