amanda alvarez

Hi! My name is Amanda Alvarez I’m from Yonkers, NY. I’m currently a junior double majoring in Human Biology & Journalism! I am a journalism intern at Blackstone LaunchPad responsible for our new blog. Fun fact—my favorite holiday is Halloween!


carlos rodriguez

I am a junior with a Marketing and Management Concentration. I am a transfer student and a fun fact about me is that my hair is really curly.


amy chen

Hi my name is Amy Chen! I'm from Staten Island, NY and I'm a junior majoring in Economics and minoring in Business Administration. I'm a social media intern at Blackstone LaunchPad, and a fun fact about me is I like to collect crystals. 


Christine Rice

Hi my name is Christine Rice! I am a Junior, and I major in Business Administration and Communication. I am a Data Mining Intern at Blackstone LaunchPad, and I looking forward to learning more about data analytics.  


dasni weerakoon

I’m Dasni Weerakoon. i'm a junior. I’m working as an event planning intern. My major is Business Administration concentrating finance and management and minor in communications. Fun fact about me is that I love shrimp but I’m really allergic to it.


waranka diaw

My name is Waranka Diaw. I am a sophomore at the University at Albany, majoring in Business. I’m an intern of the Social Media Team at Blackstone LaunchPad. A Fun Fact about me is that my birthday is on Christmas!


kai lashley-wright

I am a Junior at the University at Albany studying Economics with a minor in Business Administration. I am a transfer student here at UAlbany, making this year my second year here. I am very grateful to be interning with Blackstone Launchpad for the 2019-2020 school year, working on the Data Team. A fun fact about me is that I’ve been inside one of Egypt’s pyramids!


britney baffoe-tuffour

Hi my name is Britney Baffoe-Tuffour and I am a sophomore majoring in Business Administration and Music. I am a social media intern here and I joined Blackstone Launchpad to learn and gain experience in what it takes to run a business. Fun fact, I’m going to be a successful entrepreneur one day!


cian maguire

My name is Cian Maguire and I am a freshman at UAlbany. I am from Yonkers, NY and my major is business administration. I am really excited to be interning with LuminaReality at Blackstone this semester, working on market research. 


salvatore la scala

My name is Salvatore La Scala and I’m a freshman at UAlbany. I intend to go into the Financial Analyst Honors Program. I am interning at Blackstone Launchpad and helping a local media company called Two Buttons Deep.


cecilia sung

Hi everyone! My name is Cecilia Sung and I’m currently a senior majoring in Communications with a minor in Business Marketing and Management. As an intern at Blackstone Launchpad, I am responsible for managing social media accounts as well as event coordination. I am excited to be partnering with One Million Cups and working on promoting their events to a wider audience. 


toni beard

My name is Toni, I am a Junior and I am from Upstate New York. I major in Communications with a minor in Psychology. I am apart of the Nutmegs Startup here at Blackstone LaunchPad. Fun facts about me are I love to play volleyball, and I like to dance.