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Yingying Chen

I am a junior majoring in Accounting. I am an innovation cohort intern at Blackstone Launchpad.


Nueci Rojas

I am currently a senior pursuing a degree in Business Management/Marketing. I work in the website maintenance and promotion of Blackstone Launchpad. Making the student body aware of this resource is important, as many students have business ideas that they may want to create.  


Abdulrahman Udayni

I'm sophomore majoring in Business Administration with a concentration on Finance. I work at Blackstone Launchpad as an intern to get a firm grasp of what entrepreneurship entitles. I hope to enrich myself with business skills which will enable me to assist people who share the same field as me.


Radames Acosta

I am a sophomore at the University at Albany and I am majoring in Digital Forensics and double minoring in CEHC: Cybersecurity and Business.  I am an intern at Blackstone Launchpad and I am involved in planning.  I hope to use my time at Blackstone to gain experience, strengthen my skills, make new relationships, and encourage entrepreneurship.


Youssef S. Tadroos.

I am Egyptian, born and raised. I am a senior in SUNY Albany. I am  communication major with a business minor. I am doing my RSSW with Blackstone LanchPad. I want to become a CEO of as many companies as I can and working with Blackstone LaunchPad for the second semester now has helped me and continued to help me grow skills that will help me achieve my goal.


April Meerson

I am a senior with a double concentration in Entrepreneurship and Marketing with a minor in communications. I am interning with Rick and am in charge of helping students with their go-to-marketing strategy, understanding their target market and customer discovery. I am also helping with pitch preparation. I'd love to learn more about start ups in general and how to better advise those starting their own ventures.  



Sarah Bowen

 My name is Sarah Bowen and I’m a sophomore at UAlbany. I intend to double major in psychology and business administration with a concentration in marketing and managerial studies. I’m currently a social media marketing intern at Blackstone LaunchPad and during my time here, there’s a lot I would like to gain from this experience. The power of social media, especially in 2019, is substantial in the world of marketing. I hope to learn what goes into making a strong social media presence and how to grow a brand.  


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Samuel Mikit

I am currently a sophomore at the University at Albany double-majoring in Theatre and Philosophy as well as minoring in Business. I plan to use Blackstone Launchpad as a means of learning and refining marketing and entrepreneurial skills.